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snappy chocolate

Chloe Gordon

This entire school year I continued to say that I was going to study in coffee shops on the weekends. Mostly for the chill vibes, partly to get off campus, but also for the non-burnt cafeteria coffee. 
Somehow, I managed to never make it to a coffee shop to study. I think it has something to do with the fact that on the weekends I stayed in bed all day due to exhaustion from the night before. College scenes ya feel? 
However, finals week has quickly approached so my production levels have halted. Like I actually can’t get anything school related done. I started packing my dorm room just to avoid opening my text book. I chatted with my friends for 4 hours yesterday (how on Earth do I have that much to say) in order to not study. I just can’t think about Astro-Physics right now, ok? 

So anyways, my friend and I bussed to this really cool street near our school because there is this AMAZING coffee shop that we’re obsessed with. 
We decided we needed to try to get some work and studying done and sitting in an inspiring coffee shop would totally do the trick. 
We were wrong. As I type this my friend is on Tumblr watching “the longest fall in history” and I just got done having a conversation with someone who works here about how “snappy” their chocolate bars are. When the weather is nice and the company is great, school takes second place. 
Long story short, I might fail my Stars and Galaxies class but at least I know how “snappy” and full of flavor Mast Brother’s Chocolate bars are.