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bad days and good days

Chloe Gordon

You know those days where nothing seems to be going right?

You know those weeks when everything seems to be going wrong? 

You know, I know you know.

You can’t let those days or weeks define your life. 

We all have bad days and we all have bad weeks. They happen. They’re meant to happen. 

You want to know why they’re meant to happen? 

It’s because those are the days and weeks that make you appreciate the good days and weeks. 

It sounds absolutely cheesy and so cliche, but think about it… 

Why do we appreciate the warm, late night, fun summer months? Because of the frigid, dreary, cold winter months. 

Why do we appreciate the beautiful, snowy, cozy winter months? Because of the humid, buggy, and boring summer months. 

Next time you have a bad day or week or month or even year, just remember that it’s happening for a reason. It’s there because you’re about to have the best day, week, month, year. I promise. 

Bad things happen, but so do good things, you just have to remember that. 

Thanks for reading! 

photocredit: THE rebecca geist