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low stress conversation

Chloe Gordon

I feel like I am my most creative when I’m busiest with school. There’s something about not having time to be creative that makes me feel my most inspired. Is it just me? 

But then this makes me wonder why school can’t be creative. In my favorite class (Technology, Arts, and Media) my teacher was talking about how he wanted to make education a conversation. A low stress conversation in fact. When he said this I had my first epiphany… why the heck aren’t all my classes a low stress conversation? 

I feel like I am constantly learning memorable facts and quotes and history through conversations with my friends, so just imagine the power that a low stress conversation with your professor and class members can hold. 

A crazy thought, right?

Education is such a tricky topic to discuss, simply because there is no right or wrong answer. However, I seriously think we should put more power in low stress conversational learning. 

Just think about that.