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Chloe Gordon

Winter break is winding down and I can proudly say I’ve done nothing during break. Well, I successfully watched five seasons of The Office if that counts for anything, but besides that, literally nothing. 

It was nice to go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 10am, but I’m the epitome of an extrovert — someone who gets energy from being around other people. I was bored and feeling down, but in retrospect I’m glad I laid around all day, every day, for three weeks. It made me learn to appreciate the moments that I have with my friends even more. 

Things as small as going on random coffee shop runs, walking through campus, or even just sitting around our dorm rooms talking about our days. I cherish each and every moment that I have when I’m around people. 

When I first started writing this post I had every intention of making it a funny one, but as I started thinking about it more, I realized that I have cheesy feelings about people. I would apologize for the lack of comedy in this post, but, truthfully, I’m not sorry. 

Moral of the story? Enjoy every moment you have with people you love!