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If You're Bored, You're Boring

Chloe Gordon
hubert's lemonade

Usually, in the winter time I say summer is my favorite time of the year, and in the summer time I say winter is my favorite time of the year. The grass is always greener kind of stuff, ya know? Well this summer, things are different. I’m actually appreciating the season while it’s here. I don’t know if it’s because this is the first summer I’ve ever experienced where the gruesome, evil, and hair ruining humidity is not a factor (thanks for that, Colorado) or if it’s because I have been actually leaving my house to do fun things with my friends instead of sitting in my room, blinds shut, watching weird indie movies on Netflix. But whatever the reason, I’m happy that I’ve learned to appreciate the grass on this side of the fence. 

It’s only been three weeks of summer, but, so far, I’m not bored yet. Which is kind of a miracle. I’ve been to the local theme park, I’ve been the the pool with my friends multiple times, I’ve gotten so sunburned I think a lobster could actually confuse me for it’s own kind, I’ve been shopping, I’ve played tennis with friends, I’ve been on runs, I’ve gotten ice cream (maybe too many times… hah no, there’s no such thing as too much ice cream), I went on a quick weekend trip and saw family that I haven’t seen in a while. 

Summer is for freedom. It’s not for sitting in your room. So if you’re reading this in your room with Netflix open in another window, go do something. Step out of your comfort zone. Do something that sounds boring (like going to an art museum or walking around a park that you always drive by). Try something new. Summer is for experimenting and having fun. And making some stupid choices that will ultimately end up leaving you with memories, both the good and the bad kind. Just do something. I once heard the saying, “if you’re bored, you’re boring,” and I don’t ever want to be a boring person. So make like the Nike slogan and “just do it.”