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Going Dotty!

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shirt: Karen Zambos at Caden Boutique Louisville| pants: Anthropologie | shoes: Yosi Samra (sold out!) | purse: Flavio Olivera

Photography by Susan Stewart

We've been traveling so much, I'm going dotty! But at least I've been laughing a lot. I was in Denver last week to see The Book of Mormon with my husband to celebrate my birthday. I love to laugh, but I rarely laugh out loud. Oh sure, I chuckle, giggle and guffaw a lot. But laugh heartily? Not so much. I knew that I would be dying of laughter since I adore Trey Parker & Matt Stone's senses of humor and besides "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," my son, and my older brother, there are few things that make me laugh... but once I start laughing... watch out. I'm the one person in the room who will be snorting with wild abandon. Did I laugh. Oh yes, non-stop. Not so much about Mormons, or religion or Africa, but about the writers' ability to get their points across in such an amazing way that we were laughing while they were educating. And I'm still thinking about their brilliance.

This weekend will also make me giddy. Who wouldn't be thrilled to be headed to New Orleans?! This weekend, Chloe and I are headed to TEDYouth in NOLA where she will be representing Toyota. I'm delighted Toyota invited us to go and that I can accompany her, and this is the outfit I wore on Friday since it's such a perfect travel outfit. Here's why:

This dotty top goes with all fabrics, colors and patterns, dresses them up, and adds interest to anything from camo (last worn here) to these black pants. And I love these pants - they stretch, but not too much. And they have fab zipper detailing. Plus, they fit me well. I think I'll be searching this line for more pants since I'm having a hardest time finding pants that fit me well lately.

And I've always been a fan of Yosi Samra shoes since I like to fold them up and take them along when I wear heels. These don't fold up, but they are comfortable enough to walk in ALL day and I love the stud detailing. I sprayed them to repel stains and water since I usually don't wear cream colored suede, so we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

For the flight to New Orleans, I'll wear a big sweater or jacket that will double as a pillow, and I'll be set for a comfort! If it's going to rain, I'll wear booties instead of these shoes, but otherwise, I'm halfway packed. Which means, a small carry on and I'm set for takeoff.

Do you have a go-to travel outfit?