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target red shoes

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Target red shoes

jacket: so old I'd call it vintage / sequin top: J.Crew / jeans:  True Religion Cameron/ shoes: Target (sold out, avail on ebay)/ purse: Target / glasses: Coach

Red shoes have always been a favorite of mine, but for me, black will always be the new black which means I'm thrilled that black and white are such a trend this season. Who doesn't already have some black and white in their closet, right? So instead of buying something new, I'm recycling old, well, at least for the black and white! I did need new jeans and I'm loving these True Religion boyfriend jeans. I've tried on a million pairs and these have stretch, a necessity for me, and I like that they look good long with heels and rolled up with just about any pair of shoes.

But my favorite part of this outfit is the Target red shoes and the pop of color, which I think make this outfit, and like all great finds, they are the least expensive item. One of those many, many items I grabbed at Target thinking, "Why am I getting these when I'm in here for paper towels?!" but later thrilled that I did.

Do you have an something in your closet that you got home and at first thought, "hmmm.... maybe, maybe not. " And ended up loving it?

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