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Celebrate Your Own Color of the Year!

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Our guest blogger Shannon, who blogs at prepavenue.com, has an issue with a mandated color of the year! She wants to celebrate her own color choice, and here's how she plans to do it:  Every year, in a secret undercover meeting, representatives from various nations meet for a very significant event. Presentations are made and then the debate begins to select the Pantone “color of the year.” Panic follows every announcement as girls everywhere race out into the hustle and bustle, and practically bend over backward just to get their hands on this new color of the year. Companies plan fashion lines, make-up brands, and even jewelry around this one color. This year? Emerald. This royal green is described by Pantone as a “lively, radiant, and lush green.” Before you can snap or blink, style magazines like Allure and Vogue will be portraying the color emerald as the "color of all colors," superior in every way. Celebs around the globe will be strutting down runways and red carpets in the newly crowned color of emerald, simply because Pantone professed it be the color of the year 2013.

Then just as fast as it entered, 2013 will be over. And emerald? Well it will simply fade into the fashion abyss just as quickly as it emerged. One thing I have always been passionate about is being myself and being unique. Why follow trends and fit in, when you were born to stand out in this world?

So many of us struggle with the idea of being different, because our peers and society seem to encourage us to conform. Being yourself and staying true to your own personality is where it’s at. So stop searching for everything emerald and get on board your own color train.

I know this sounds great on paper, but can be tough in real life. On shopping trips, I’m known as the navy magnet. My closet is filled with navy shorts, navy sweaters, and navy shirts. I have to confess; I am obsessed with all that is navy. So, to combat this issue, I have made a New Year’s resolution. I will add some sort of pop of color to my outfit each and everyday. Whether I do it by adding a colorful necklace, a bright bangle or a simple pair of pink ballet flats!

scarf / shoes / bracelet / belt / necklace

Don’t get me wrong, I follow and conform to every other trend just as easily as you. But this year, instead of focusing on the color of the year, focus on your own color! Maybe it’s fuchsia pink or traffic light yellow! I guarantee it makes much more of a statement being yourself rather than disappearing into part of the emerald crowd. Leave your own sparkle behind.

So who’s with me? Be bold! Profess your own color of the yearTell me how you plan on incorporating your own color the year into your everyday outfits! I want to hear from you, email me at prepavenue@gmail.com !