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Let's Make Wrapping Paper

DIYKim & Chloe
chalkboard wrapping paper

With the holidays ahead, we were looking for some creative wrapping paper and noticed a continuing chalkboard trend everywhere: from our chalkboard frame, to chalkboard cards for the holidays, to wrapping paper we spotted on our fave shopping site RueLala. We started feeling the craft itch... and decided, "let's make wrapping paper." But you know us, it had to be easy. As in, do-it-blindfolded easy. Our DIY chalkboard wrapping paper is super-simple. All you need is a dark wrapping paper and chalk. You can either go fancy with white chalk markers or go low-brow with sidewalk chalk but we decided somewhere in between was best and used compressed charcoal white sticks. They are perfect for getting sharp lines, but still looking like chalk.

We created 3 different chalkboard wrapping papers, for 3 different looks.  Choose your own to create some erasable fun on your gifts!

make wrapping paper

The most authentic, and the most time consuming, simply because you have to paint on the chalkboard paint and let it dry. It's extremely simple though!

1. Collect items needed: marking tape, paintbrush, chalkboard paint, gift wrapped in sturdy wrapping paper (any color), chalk. 2. Mark area to be painted with chalkboard paint and paint 2 coats, letting each coat completely dry. 3. Peel tape and chalk your sentiments!

make wrapping paper

For this wrapping paper, we simply used black paper and white chalk. The drama says it all. A little red & green to top it off... if you must.

make holiday wrapping paper

Our craft paper was simple also! Just take white chalk and chalk it up to say whatever you want! A simple bow, or wrap in a color you prefer and TA-DA. Perfect present. 3 choices, 3 looks, and your own DIY wrapping paper. Enjoy!

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