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Eye Makeup Tutorials

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gold eyeliner tutorial

Our eye makeup tutorials will help you master 3 quick looks to brighten your eyes, and give you some bright and easy options for daytime and evening looks. smokey eye tutorial

smokey eye tutorial

1, 2. Choose 3 colors and a metallic or shimmery shade. Apply the darkest color in the outer 1/3 corner of the eye to which eyeliner has already been applied (See Cat Eye tutorial below).

3, 4. Apply the medium shade from the inner 2/3 of the eye.

5,6. Apply the lightest shade below the arch of your brows to highlight the eye.

7,8. Take a metallic or shimmery shade and apply it on the lid in the center of the eye to accentuate eye.

9. The finished smokey eye.

golden eye tutorial

golden eye tutorial

1,2. Apply a thick gold line with a pencil along the upper lash line. We like ElDorado by Urban Decay.

3. Apply a thinner line of liquid black eyeliner closest to the upper lash line directly on top of the gold pencil. The pointy tip will give you a thin, precise line and the gold will show up above the the black, giving a golden glow.

cat eye tutorial

cat eye tutorial

1. Close your eye and pull it taught.

2. Trace your eyeliner along the the top lashline towards the outer corner. The key is using a tapered brush for a clean line. We used Cailyn Gel eyeliner with a built in brush.

3. Extend past the outer corner following a natural line upwards of your closed eye. You may need to go back and fill in and darken the line you have drawn. (We can't figure out how the lighting in the last photo changed the eye color!)