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Signature Scents: Selena Gomez Perfume

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I wear perfume daily and haven't yet found what my mom calls her "signature scent". When we received some samples from Selena Gomez and Jordin Sparks, we decided we needed to develop MY signature scent. What makes a signature scent and is Selena Gomez perfume mine? ? Who knows... maybe I have too much fun trying new perfumes, or maybe because I just really haven't found "the one" I'm still fickle. Whatever. But, I decided to try them, see what I thought, and if maybe one of these new scents that have come out this spring could capture my heart and be my one and only. Selena Gomez Selena's new perfume will be out at Macy's at the end of May and other retailers later in summer. I found it to be a girly delicate scent, but with a nice vanilla touch that lingers after the girly-ness, giving it a little more depth. She had her fans help her pick the scent, which was a really cool concept, and the winning perfume has tones of raspberry, purple freesia and vanilla. At first it smelled fruity, I guess it's the raspberry, but after it's on for a while, you smell the vanilla. We think it's perfect for summer and I will definitely be wearing it!

selena gomez perfume

Twirl by Kate Spade Described as pink watermelon mingled with blackberry and red currant, enhanced with a heart of fresh flowers including orange blossom, star jasmine, tiare flower and sweet magnolia and finished with luminous musks and a touch of french macaron. Almost sounds like something you would eat instead of wear! But as a humongous Kate Spade fan, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't. Twirl is a little bit flowery and spicy, and I think it's good for a cool, crisp evening. The perfume packaging has confetti on it... and I can just imagine the perfect Kate Spade party, lots of twirl-worthy dress, and confetti being thrown for a big party and no mom fussing about a mess to clean up. Twirl on!

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Jordin Sparks I'm a fan of Jordin Sparks, the youngest winner of American Idol. But could she make a popular perfume that was as star-powered as she is? Yep, it's a winner! The packaging says it had scents of Clementine, White Imperial Currant and Orange Blossom scent, followed by Nectarine, Sharry Baby Orchid and Coral Charm Peony and finished with Sheer Musks, Vanilla Bean, Baltic Amber and Blonde Woods. Whew! But what that meant to me is that I liked the refreshing orange-y-ness and love that it has a crisp clean scent that is perfect for warmer weather. Plus, the lotion is a great extra layer, and since the scent is so light, the layering of it will help it last throughout the day. Wearing a perfume, plus a lotion of your favorite scent is a tip to keep your favorite scent to linger a bit longer, something I'd like the Jordin Sparks scent to do!

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Tattoed by Inky Body Spray I (gasp!) hadn't tried a body spray before. I usually just use Eau de Toilette (a light perfume) when I want a delicate scent or when it's hot outside and a perfume would be too heavy. But I tried the A Mi Amor body spray which is a blend of white florals, vanilla and amber and was surprised by how much I liked it. Body sprays can be a light pick-me-up after a long day when you don't have time for a shower and are heading out, but I suggest using caution: too much is simply too much. A light spray was the perfect touch of scent and refreshing enough for an afternoon or night out. I'd keep this in my gym locker if I had P.E. early in the day, which thankfully I don't, or use it late the day for a quick touch up. But, the only issue is it's easy to spray too much, but I do like the scent.

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So, I still don't have a signature scent, and I guess that's ok since I can wear something different each day. I was surprised that I liked each of these, depending on my mood. Selena Gomez is light enough for summer days and perfect for nights out and events, Twirl works well for cooler nights, Jordin Sparks is refreshing enough for long school days, and Tattoed is a quick pick-me-up for afternoons. See, no need for a signature when there's a time and place for every scent! I'll keep experimenting with different perfumes for now... no need to settle down for just one scent quite yet!