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Fave YouTube videos: Austin Mahone, GloZell...


Just in case you missed some of the hottest YouTube videos of the week, we gather our top 3 for your viewing pleasure. From Austin Mahone singing, we must, perfectly to the always hilarious GloZell, you can't help but smile. In the first video, you'll see what GloZell thinks of One Direction. You know it's going to be hilarious, because no matter what GloZell does, she makes us truly laugh out loud. Always. And if you somehow missed the 1D video, or just feel like watching it again (and again, and again)... feel free to click away!

Did your morning carpool ride have an anthem? We think a carpool should. And we think a kid in carseat should contribute and get rockin'. Glad we aren't alone with these thoughts!  And even though we aren't morning people, this carpool would change our minds. How about you - what's your carpool like... any singing?

And the grand finale. Yep, we LUV Austin Mahone and like all his YouTube videos. Is he the next Justin Bieber? We have a feeling he's just getting started on a his way to the top and this tune will let you see why. We'll be bringing you some more of his YouTube posts, just a feeling we have. Let us know what YOU think in the comments below....