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Wall Art Stickers to pump up your walls!


From dry erase, to blackboard, to picture frames, we couldn't believe the treasure trove of wall art stickers we found at BUTCH & harold! ? WOW! ? BUTCH & harold ? is a NYC company that has an enormous selection of adorable wall art stickers that are frames - but not your run-of-the-mill sticker frames. These simply make a room a masterpiece. And how cute is the name "BUTCH & harold" that comes from the imaginary childhood dogs of sister owners Michele and Ariane Gold? ? When even the name of a company is as absolutely cool as the products, you know you've found perfection! ? And they've just added a new feature - did you know you can virtually frame your photos in Facebook? ? Yep, they have a FREE? frame app for Facebook... check it out - your Facebook pics just got even cuter! Frames can instantly change the look of a wall, and a cluster of picture frames can change the feel of an entire room! And since we adore taking pictures, and are wild about using our pictures to decorate our walls, we only have one issue: we like to change our mind. (A lot.) ? But with BUTCH & harold, it's simply not a problem. ? We take our photos, stick the frame to the wall, and we are done. ? Tomorrow, if we want to change the picture, we can. ? And next week, when we decide we'd rather have that picture on another wall? ? Well, no problem. BUTCH & harold accepts us as we are and let's us change our mind whenever we want! ? As BUTCH & harold says, "Peel... Stick... Love... Repeat." With such easy wall art stickers, we will... oh yes, we will!

And, since BUTCH & harold is GIVING AWAY a set of wall art stickers, you can too! ? Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win!

Pink Frames

pink picture frames

Bliss Frame

Sticker picture frame

Frame Vain

Sticker Frames vain frames

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