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DIY leather chain bracelet in under 10 minutes

DIYKim & Chloe

Stackable bracelets are our friends and we wanted another easy DIY bracelet project. This leather chain bracelet blew us away with how easy it was, and how amazing it looked when we finished. As wanna-be crafty types, we are always on the lookout for something we can make with absolutely no craft skill. If we can't make it easily and in less than 10 minutes... it isn't going to happen! ? The Raj headband in the photo below that Paris Hilton wears inspired us, but we didn't want a chain headband since we just featured killer DIY headbands. So, we decided to add another option to ever-rotating stackable bracelets: a DIY leather chain bracelet. And we made 3 for about $10 (total!) in 30 minutes. ? Hmmm, maybe we are crafty gals after all! Paris Hilton inspired



DIY quick bracelet

1. Gather your supplies. 2. Use the pliers to open a link on the chain and put a clasp on. We used a lobster clasp, but any type will work. 3. Weave the leather in and out through the chain links leaving 2 or 3 links free on both ends. 4. Cut the ends of the leather, leaving about 1/2" - 3/4" extra leather (to be be folded back over the glue). 5. Place the glue on the leather near the end and fold ? the extra leather over the glue. Make sure you use a strong hold glue that dries to clear. Let dry overnight. 6. Voilá! Your finished bracelet!

A colorful alternative:

DIY bracelet

1. Cut chain to the length you prefer and attach clasp as above. Use cording instead of leather. Pick whatever colors you like best! 2. Knot the cord on the 3rd link. This can be cut a bit closer after tightening. 3. Weave as above, simply go ingin and out of the links. 4. Knot at the 3rd link from the end. Trim both knots closely after tightening them. Place glue around the knots to reinforce them and let dry overnight. 5. Wear and promise to make some for your admiring friends.

DIY bracelet

We'll keep the easy, but glam, crafts coming your way, so keep checking back!? We hope you enjoy your easy-to-make-in-under-10-minutes amazing DIY chain bracelets!?