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Cupcakes ... too cute to eat.

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Johnny Cupcake

Not sure what you want to do when you grow up?  Don't worry, Johnny didn't know either, so he started selling t-shirts out of the back of his car and grew the tiny business into a multi-million dollar t-shirt company.  Johnny Cupcakes has some seriously hip shirts with designs ranging from skull and crossbones to Hello Kitty, all with the signature cupcake.  Because of the cool to cute factor, plus quality and comfort, people who wear the t-shirts usually become avid fans and start collecting them. At a summer pop-up store in Martha's Vineyard, there were lines out the door and down the street from open to close every day. Camping out has become a right of passage to buying a limited edition new t-shirt!  Be sure to buy one that catches your eye as soon as you see it, because they are all limited editions works of t-shirt art. "Here today, gone tomorrow" means your favorite design might disappear, but it also means you won’t see your t-shirt on your best friend (or your best friend’s mom). Nice!