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All treats... no trick


Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays... when else can you dress as crazy as you want, hang out with your friends, ask neighbors for candy, and end the evening with a perfect sugar rush? ? We wanted to get everyone in the mood for Halloween, and could think of no better way than preparing some sweet treats for our friends or teachers. ? One Charming Party, an amazing website full of party concepts and images (and ideas you can use for babysitting) has unbelievable suggestions: cute (natch), easy to make (hey, we can even make these), and delicious (of course). ? These treats couldn't be easier, but they are still WOW-worthy in presentation.

One thing we don't love about Halloween is rotting pumpkins! We are always so excited for the season that we buy and carve our pumpkin too early. ? This year, we found the perfect solution in Pumpkin Parts. The parts stick in the pumpkin... just like a Mr. Potato Head for pumpkins! ? There are 5 different characters, but switch them around for witchy pirates, and piratey skulls. We're never too old for Mr. Pumpkin Head! ? Pumpkin Parts, $9.99, but at local retailers and here.

Last but not least... who to be this year? ? The most popular ideas this year involve the latest headline news and cultural topics. ? Be an Angry Bird, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Rebecca Black (super easy since she wears a black shirt most of the video) or our personal fave,? Princess Beatrice.... Try very, very hard not to feel ridiculously out of touch with fashion. ? Although yours probably won't sell for $130,700 on Ebay, you can make your own fascinator like Princess Beatrice's by following these simple instructions. ? Or buy one if you have $40 to spare. ? "Princess Beatrice hat costume", $40, buy at Headline Costumes.