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Forgotten by Cat Patrick


  Do you sometime have trouble remembering what you had for lunch the other day, or what you talked about in AP Chem? We do! But what if daily life was erased each night when you went to sleep?

London can’t remember her past because her memory resets at 4.33 a.m. each day, so she has no idea what happened the day before. Luckily though, she can remember the future, and recalls the people who stay in her life. Every night before London goes to sleep she writes herself notes, from what she wore, to important conversations she had the day before. But why can't she remember the boy she's falling in love with and what do her nightly dreams mean?

This is one book that we couldn't put down and has kept us thinking about how we could forget the past but remember the future long after we finished it. It's a unique story, with interesting twists we never saw coming. Trust us, Forgotten is a book you we won't be able to forget!