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This post was sponsored by fruitwater through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about fruitwater, all opinions are my own.

How to chill

It’s officially the holiday season, and I’m in decorating and gift-shopping mode. My head is saying “Woo-hoo, let’s go shopping, bake all day, and party all night!” but my body is already exhausted, and currently recovering from being sick. The struggle between moving forward and taking a break is so real to all of us, and I know I should find some time for myself and take the break I deserve, even if it’s just a few minutes to escape the swirling vortex of life in constant motion.

One way I chill and zone out is to listen to or watch something that makes me laugh. Like really laugh… the kind of laugh that embarrasses my kids because I can’t stop, can’t breathe, and can’t stem the flow of tears running down my face. I’m so glad I discovered the seriously hilarious Seriously Distracted, presented by fruitwater, a company that also believes we should take moments for ourselves! (Tune in Tuesdays on POPSUGAR to watch new episodes.) Along with watching and listening to funny shows, I thought of a few more ways I could slow down a bit and steal a moment for myself during this season:

  • Work out. Yep, it’s my #1 escape, a chance to relieve tension and let everything go. Plus, I know it’s good for me… and my sleep.
  • Take a photography class. Or any class, but right now I’m loving the photography class I take. My goal is simply to be able to take my camera off “automatic” and the challenge of learning a new skill is completely rewarding, even if my pics aren’t so hot!
  • If I’m not in a working out mood, I always go for a walk. Sometimes it’s to discover a new area of Denver, sometimes it’s just to enjoy the stream by our home and be outdoors.
  • Chill with a glass of sparkling fruitwater and savor every sip.
  • Get lost in a really good book or tv series. (If anyone wants, or has, suggestions, let me know!)
  • Escape with BFFs to another city for a long weekend of total me-ness. Hiking, good food, art, shopping, and honest conversations are my key to a complete mental reset.

By the way, stealing a moment for yourself can truly pay off! Follow fruitwater on Instagram at @fruitwaterbev and submit a photo showing the world how you make the most of your day by stealing a moment for yourself for your chance to win a $1,000 prize towards your next stolen moment! Make sure to include #stealamomentsweeps and #fruitwater in your Instagram submission.

I’d love to hear your favorite “me” escape too!

XO ~Kim