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Whew! We’ve rarely been posting on PopCosmo and for that we sincerely apologize. My mom has been crazy busy with life and dealing with the lives of two high schoolers, and I’ve been crazy busy as a Senior in high school. I have to say though, Senior year is so much fun. Being able to drive myself to after school events (ie sports games) and knowing that college is finally on the horizon makes high school so much easier. It’s been great.girls via

I just wanted to pop in an give you all a few updates on my life and what’s been happening. So here we go… 1. Homecoming is this Saturday and I’m super excited. I’m going with a bunch of friends so it’ll be nice and easy. Surprisingly enough, this is my first “real” Homecoming experience. My first high school didn’t have a football team and the Homecoming dance was kind of (read: very) lame. And obviously, my online school didn’t have a football team or a dance so there’s that. I’m still debating what dress I’m going to wear (I have two options) so we’ll see. 2. I went to a haunted corn maze this past weekend with a small group of friends and it was seriously so much fun. Well, the actual corn maze wasn’t fun because they had to shut it down for like two hours while my friends and I stood in line due to a few stupid people that attacked the workers with corn (yes, police and search parties were involved). By the time we could go through the maze it was like 12am and there were only three scarers left. We still had a blast though and I totally recommend going to one soon before the season is over! 3. I’ve been obsessed with going to the gym lately. I know this isn’t really earth shattering news, but the classes at the gym I go to are phenomenal. They have trendy cardio which is my favorite so I guess that’s why I’m diggin’ it so much.

That's all I have for now but I hope you all are having a great week! Let me know in the comments if you have any post recommendations — we’re in need of a kick in the booty with PopCosmo ;) xox Chloe