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Getting Fit + An Embarrassing Story


Who’s getting fit? I am. A little known fact about me is that I used to do triathlons. In fact, at 13 years old I became the youngest finisher of the New York City Triathlon. Another little known fact about me is that the reason I first got into the blogging world is through triathlons; I used to blog about every race and event that I competed in. What I’m trying to say is that I used to be fit and strong. Now I want to be as fit and strong as I was when I was thirteen (it’s crazy to think that I was thirteen five whole years ago — it seems like yesterday). Anyway, in New York I walked at least six miles everyday. And it felt great. Walking, for me, was a way to transition myself back into the fit lifestyle. Now that I’m home, and not in the walkable NYC anymore, I just want to go out and run and take group fitness classes all day long. So I have been. GO ME.

As most of you know (or should know) I can’t go out into public without somehow embarrassing myself. So I have a funny story for ya today…

Yesterday I took a circuit class with my mom and it was a fabulous workout. I’m so sore today which is great. Unfortunately my eye is a little sore too which is not so great. Insert story here:

The circuits of the class were rowing machines (I was on my high school’s crew team freshman year, sophomore year, and sophomore  year round two so that was no big deal for me), kettle bells, yoga mats for ab exercises, benches for dips, and resistance bands.

The first circuit that I started with yesterday was the resistance band thing. My mom and I were the only two in our circuit because everyone else in the class had spread out. Since I’m no pro when it comes to resistance bands, I (of course) picked up the one that is the hardest. I went to put my foot down so that I could do the proper arm lift-y things. Then…. the band snapped. And hit me. In the face. On the eye.

At first I was kind of stunned at what just happened. I mean A GIANT RUBBER BAND JUST SNAPPED ME IN THE EYE. Then I realized that that’s not supposed to happen. My mom of course witnessed the whole thing and was dying laughing. Then I started laughing and crying at the same time (because it really hurt but was really funny at the same time). So I now have a bruise around my eye (it’s not a black eye, fortunately).

Note to self: when starting a new workout class, start with the circuit that you actually know how to do.

Here’s how the class went as told by GIFs (btw I don’t care if you pronounce it with a g or a j, I’ll be your friend either way)…

Me walking into the class ready to rock it.

runway gif

When my mom tells me we should start with resistance bands.


Then trying to figure out which band to use.

difficult decisions gif

Attempting to look fit with the chosen resistance band

baseball gif

My mom’s reaction when the band snaps my face

snl gif

My reaction + some giggles

crying gif

After I got over the initial shock and actually realized what just happend

llama gif

Then realizing that I just gotta be me.


I'm probably not the only person who's ever been snapped in the face with a resistance band, right? Wait... don't answer that.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a little different from the normal posts, but it's the real me. So like it or leave it ;)

xox, Chloe