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NYC Coffee Shops


If you follow us on Instagram (which if you aren’t then you totes should @popcosmo) then you know that I’m basically taking a coffee shop tour of NYC. I frequently find myself going to coffee shop after coffee shop if I have a few minutes to kill or need to charge up my phone. The good news is that there are loads of trendy coffee shops here. Loads. Like one on every few corners. When I met up with blog friends Sloane and Gracey for our photo excursion we stumbled upon one called Blue Stone Lane Coffee. It. Was. Amazing. new york coffee NYC coffee shops coffee shops in new york new york coffee shops NYC

Just walking into the coffee shop we knew we would have our Instgrams covered for the rest of the summer. There were just so many pretty little details and the shop was huge! Funny story though, I don’t drink caffeine and I ordered an iced decaf latte. Apparently in New York if you don’t drink caffeine then you are an alien that should be shunned because almost every single barista in the place was making fun of me. They were nice enough to actually serve me a decaf latte though, so points for them.

If you ever find yourself in New York City, or in the West Village specifically, then you must visit Blue Stone Lane! It’s gorgeous and everything you could ever want in a coffee shop.

xox ~chloe

 Do you have any trendy coffee shop recommendations for me while I’m here?