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My New York "uniform"

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chloe anthro and sofft I’m bidding goodbye to Kentucky and moving on to bigger and better (well, we'll see). The land of hopes, dreams, and streets that smell like bus exhaust: New York City. It’s almost time. Time for my internship to begin... and I can’t wait. At the end of last year’s summer I attended BlogShop New York and was able to go to and from the two days of classes by myself. I was charged with inspiration and this feeling of pure happiness, and I knew, I seriously just knew, that I would spend the next summer (that is - this summer) in NYC.

Luckily everything worked out and I was hired as an intern at Dormify. Isn’t it so cool when dreams come true? Like everything just falls right into place and life is at an all time high. Well for me it’s happening. I can’t wait for what the summer holds and I can’t wait for life. Is that cheesy? {It kind of Mis but I don’t care.} I hope that I’ll have time to explore the city and make some photo journal type posts.

Anyways, aren’t these pictures amazing? Erin has once again captured “me” in a picture. I think these are probably my favorite pictures that she’s taken of me. And I’m totally sporting my “New York Uniform” outfit (aka, all black everything).

There are 2 absolutely NYC things about this outfit besides the color: my Sofft shoes are walkable and my purse charges my phone. I typically can't walk in high heels at all, and these shoes are 4-1/4" (just like my mom's cute & totally walkable shoes, which she promises to share!). I can work all day in them or wander around snapping pics since they are amazingly comfortable. And how cute is this weave on them?

The other thing that I'm excited to take to New York is this emPowered tote that charges my phone. Um, yeah, how cool is that? My phone always dies in NYC, but now I don't have to worry about it. I just stick it in the inside pocket, charge it up and am ready to go - day to night! The leather is incredibly soft and I can carry a day's worth of work inside my tote. Or snacks or cute things I've bought. So tote-ally NYC work ready!

xo ~chloe

necklace sofft shoes on stairsempowered bag empowered bag inside@anthropologie dress anthropologie dress

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