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Top Summer Buys under $100

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Summer Buys under $100

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was in middle school my mom implemented a rule: she’ll buy what I need and I’ll buy what I want. This rule was created on a whim (probably on a day where I was channeling my inner shopaholic) but it stuck. To this day my mom and I still go by this rule (my dad is a little nicer when it comes to purchasing things for me, but he rarely goes shopping with me). Anyway, this rule makes me think about what I really need vs. what I really want on a much deeper level. I hate spending my own money because I’m super frugal but I also really like nice things. So I’ve turned into somewhat of a bargain shopper. Anything less than $100 is typically in my price range, but it has to be of super great quality for me to even think about purchasing it. Meaning it has to last forever and be in style forever. To make it super easy for y’all, I’ve compiled a list of my top under $100 must haves for the summer time. Let me know if there’s anything else I should add to my list! xox ~chloe

floppy hat

floppy hat

denim shorts


J Crew easy tee


Gap leather sandals

leather sandals

Essie Perfect pink polish

nail polish



LL Bean Catch All Tote




zara dress striped dress