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6 gifts I know my mom would love for Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve been brainstorming the perfect gift to get my wonderful mom this year. I think it’s so hard to buy my mom presents because she never hints at what she wants, and if she does, the item is way out of my price range. So the key to gifting a great present, for me at least, is to buy something that is either fun and cute or something that is practical and she’ll use all the time. I think all of the presents on the gift guide are something that are the perfect mix between practical and fun which make for a great present! This gift guide is probably my most favorite one that I’ve ever made and I totally wouldn’t mind snatching any of these presents for myself. And since my mom and I have the same taste (for the most part) I think she’d be happy with any of these gifts!

mother's day gift guide

1. A BAG that charges her phone!  A catch all bag that is made of buttery smooth leather. All moms need a big bag, and this one is cute to boot! Plus, there’s a built in phone charger since her phone is always dying! Double whammy, double the love!

2. Phone Case My mom is ALWAYS losing her phone. She has the old pink case, but I think it's time for an update, and a bright pink case means it's easier to spot when she sets it down on a shelf. In a store. And walks away. Only so we can go running back for it....

3. POUCH  To help keep my mom organized in her catch-all bag (i.e., glasses, credit card, keys) or to use when she doesn’t want to carry a big bag. It could even be an adorable cosmetic case.

4. CREAM Moms always love lotion. This is such a simple gift but it’ll last her all year long. Be sure to pick out a scent that she always says she loves!

5. FLOWERS The original mother’s day gift, and there is nothing wrong with that. Place your mom’s favorite flowers in a pretty vase and you’ve got a gorgeous gift!

6. CARD Last but not least, a card! My mom always says, "this is all I need." A handwritten note can go far so if you don’t have any extra money laying around (lookin’ at you teenagers) or you just want to give a note along with your gift. Your mom will be happy to know that you took time out of your day to write her a sweet little note!

I’d love to know what you’re getting your mom for Mother’s Day, let me know in the comments! And yeah Mom, now you know what I'm choosing from this year :) xo ~chloe