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This 80-year old is making me workout {again}

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A few friends were running the Louisville 1/2 marathon and marathon... but neither me nor my husband were among them. As former (very slow) racers, our path on the very steep and slippery slope towards  inactivity has me thinking: is it age, or have I just been lazy? I'm about to find out because I'm hopping back on the "get in shape" train. And it's about to leave the station. When you start seeing outfit posts of my workout gear, you'll know why!Paddy & Nico As  to proof that age is just a number, it's in this video. You won't believe how Paddy, an 80-year old, moves! I started watching and couldn't stop, and I may have wiped a tear or two in admiration. When I'm 80, I hope to be doing the salsa with 1/2 the grace and finesse of Paddy. Her performance coinciding with my friends' running, while my running that day involved only errands, was a wake-up call for me. If Paddy can get back in the game, at almost 1/2 her age: so can I. It's just that simple. {I hope.}

xo ~kim