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My new morning ritual: TheSkimm


I’m a huge news junkie. I love knowing the latest events that are happening around the world, no matter the topic. Whether it was what's going on in the Masters, what's the latest celeb baby name, or the update on the Malaysian airline, I’m interested. However, I don’t really enjoy watching the news because there are so many irrelevant stories, and even more irrelevant commercials. I also don’t like reading the newspaper because I just can’t figure out how to hold the entire thing without it falling apart (maybe I should practice?).

reading newsvia Pinterest

But one thing I love is TheSkimm; it’s a news service that sends you an email every weekday morning telling you the highlights of everything that you should be prepared to know for the day. TheSkimm breaks all the latest stories down into easy readable sections so you know only what you need to know, and there are no difficult words, because when it comes down to it, hard words don’t make you seem smarter they just make it look like you know how to use synonyms.com. Oh, and have I mentioned that 2 women news reporters are behind this powerhouse of an app?

Y’all should definitely sign up for TheSkimm if you’re a news junkie, or if you want to find out what's going on in the world. Plus, it has this awesome section called “Repeat After Me…” where it helps you be prepared to sound more intelligent if a certain topic comes up during your day. For example, one of the recent columns of “Repeat After Me…” was “What to say when someone posts about their political opinions…” Helpful, right? Also, since the Masters is dominating sports right now, you might want to know who Bubba is... and not in a Forrest Gump sort of way.

Ok, excuse me while I brush up on my current events and impress my Dad {who reads 2 newspapers a day}....

xo ~chloe