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Chloe Takes NYC

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Today I have some super (super, super, super) exciting news! Guess where I’ll be spending a good chunk of my summer? (uh, if you read the title, you already know, but I like guessing games)

But if you just jumped in and started reading, are you ready to know?!


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NYC! Yep, the good 'ole city of dreams, magic and inspiration, and also the land of my dad's family (and accents) and my favorite breakfast (bagels and lox). I will be interning for an amazing company called Dormify. I can't wait to meet the nicest people I've met on Skype and through emails, who I know I'll learn tons from about PR, marketing, product placement, photo styling and more.  Dormify has the cutest dorm room decorations and accessories, and I am seriously thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring team.

Summer can’t come fast enough. Aaah! Just thinking about it is putting a huge smile on my face and is making me so excited that I'm almost forgetting about all the exams and tests that stand between me and my dream internship. I can’t wait to share my entire experience with y’all which I know for a fact will include a lot of “photo essay” posts where I share a whole bunch of photos from the amazing inspiration that NYC holds.


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So, if you're in NYC and wanna hang out... let me know. Do you have any tips for shopping, eating, photo ops? If so, share away!

xox ~chloe