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Black + Leopard

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mellwood in Louisville I love this black and leopard outfit for 2 reasons: it made me a new friend and I scored the best bargain I ever have. I could never have enough of these 2 items (or chocolate)!

I was wearing these zip, zip and zip pants while I was waiting for my son to finish his fencing lesson. And a woman who was also waiting for her son remarked how much she liked my pants. She had me at like. As we chatted, we realized how much we had in common so we made a date for lunch, shopping, and groaning about teen sons who moan about their moms (how dare they!).

Although the boots are not the latest in style, I don't care. I do care about comfort and crepe soles are comfortable, plus I want boots I can walk in that are my kind of style. And these are. Guess how much they were? (Nope, guess again.) Give up? $2. Marked down from about $98 to $2. There was 1 pair left and since Chloe passed them up, I snagged them. Not because I needed more booties, but because I could give up a latté and add to my closet. Me, who never finds a bargain!

Friends and bargains… a dream come true in black and leopard.

xo ~kim

leopard topleopard and blackgap bootsleopard blouse

shirt: Lavender Brown (old) - DVF similar | pants: Anthropologie (old) similar ,  budget similar, AG similar| purse: Goyard | boots: Gap

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