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How to style Beachy Waves

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Beachy waves are a hair style that will never go out of style. It’s classic, simple, and give you an effortless look — which is what we strive for as girls! As the weather is beginning to warm up, it’s the perfect time to start channeling your inner mermaid and rocking this beachy vibe. We've shown you how to curl hair with a flat iron, but here's how to use a curling wand and if you want to recreate this look, here's how: Step 1: Secure top half of your hair on top of your head with an alligator clip. In order to achieve an effortless look, diagonally part your hair (view picture for a visual aid).

Step 2: Start with a one inch piece and curl away from your face. Alternate direction of curls  to keep the curl looking natural. Once finished with the bottom part of your hair, then unclip the alligator clip and repeat on top layer of hair.

Tip: do not start the curl at the scalp, but closer to the level of the ear.

That's it… beachy waves are simple to create and easy to wear. Enjoy!

Beachy Waves TutorialBeachy Waves how to

Thanks to Michelle Brooks of Headz Inc. of Louisville!

Michelle Brooks

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