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DIY Camera Lens Cap

DIYKim & Chloe

We've made camera straps, but I've never touched my camera when it comes to DIY. Seriously, how could you DIY your camera? Well, I found a way (you knew I would) with a DIY lens cap. I think these would even make my brother smile and say cheese instead of making his usual silly face. DIY Donut Camera Lens Cap

Supplies: Snap on lens Cap* Cricut vinyl (Happy note: Cricut vinyl is on sale through 3/4!) Cricut transfer tape (for "say cheese") Cricut Explore *We ordered a plain lens caps here. To determine what size you need you can find it by looking on your lens for the symbol Ø with a number next to it. This number is the size in millimeters of your filter threads, which is the size cap you need. This marking typically appears either on the rim of the front of your lens, or on the side of your lense barrel.


If you’re using a Cricut Explore, use Cricut vinyl to create the camera lens caps. Directions are below.  Otherwise, you could use an Exacto knife or punches to cut out the shapes that you want to create.

1. Open up Cricut Design Space and click “New Project” 2. Then click “insert images” 3. Search “donut” and find one that you like! (We used the donut part of Studio DIY’s and created our own frosting.) 4. Then click “insert image” 5. After it’s on your canvas, highlight the image and look at the bottom of your layers palate and click “ungroup.” 6. Then delete the frosting layer. (This is what we did, but feel free to leave all of Studio DIY's donut - hers is so cute, but we had created our idea before hers was available, and then printed the day it became available, so we wanted to use part of hers and ours to see how it looked! Of course hers is amazing!) 7. Next click “upload image” and then find your frosting layer. We simply drew our sprinkles on with Sharpies since they would have been tiny little dots! Here's our file you can upload.

donut lens cap 8. Next, measure the size of your lens cap and make your donut and frosting that size. 9. Then click the “Go” button and follow your on screen instructions.

Camera Lens Cap

To create the "Say Cheese" you would find a picture in Step 3 of cheese or cheese pizza or whatever cheese-y. Then use text and transfer tape to print & apply the words "Say Cheese."

It’s as simple as that! And the results are fun and different, and just might make someone smile. If you make one of these camera lens caps (or your own version), be sure to tweet or Instagram us a picture. We’d love to see your creations.

xo ~chloe