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What to Wear: College Visits

EXTRASKim & Chloe
college interview and college tour

This past weekend my family and I made a quick road trip to St. Louis for a college visit to check out Washington University. I had an interview and two tours scheduled; but, along with a few important things like remembering my resume and refining my answers to questions like “why are you interested in Washington University?” another concern of mine was “omg, what am I going to wear?!” I've visited some other schools, but hadn't been to one that I was so excited to see, and I realized the night before my trip that I didn’t have any outfits planned out — I’m a last minute kinda gal! I frantically googled “what to wear to college interviews” and “what to wear for a college tour” but I came up short seeing that internet was lacking in advice for this scenario. But I think my outfits were reasonable after looking at what everyone else was wearing, and more importantly, I enjoyed my interview and had a blast on the tour. If you’re wondering, I fell in LOVE with Wash U. Hashtag dream school. ;)

College Interview Outfit

interview outfit:  top | pantsshoesbagearringsskirt

College Tour outfit idea

tour outfit: topsweater | bag |shoes | jeans | earrings

Because the internet doesn’t know how to help frantic teenage girls put together outfits for college interviews and tours, I figured I’d pick up the slack and make a set for you. I hope you like these outfits! They are super basic, but they definitely get the job done, and I’m 100% sure that you’ll feel 100% confident when you wear them. The goal of the interview outfit is to be comfortable, yet polished, but not so dressed up that you look like you are interviewing for a job. Some people were wearing jeans, but I felt more comfortable dressing up a bit and putting effort into looking respectable. I didn't want to wear a skirt, because I didn't want to have to worry about it while sitting down, but nice pants looked crisp and tailored. On the other hand, the tour outfit is something you should be very comfortable in and your shoes should be broken-in. Although our tour was only about an hour, there was a lot of walking. Be comfortable and prepared for all sorts of weather. We had 50 degrees one day and snow and rain the next.

Also, keep in mind that outfits aren’t everything when interviewing or touring: being respectful and kind and totally more important. Although that disclosure was probably super unnecessary, I though I should close with the manners always matter reminder!

xox ~Chloe