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Instagram Loves

Best Instagram Accounts

You know those people that you follow on Instagram and always find yourself liking their pictures, commenting on their pictures, and wishing that they would post more? Well, we follow a ton of creative people on Instagram and we thought we would start a little series where we share a few of our favorites! These are people that you must, must follow to gain a little inspiration for the day. Here are our first four favorites, with more to come.

@kaeyelch: Kae is able to make even the most simple things look so elegant. Her pictures are always perfectly crafted, and beautifully minimalistic. Kae is able to zoom in on an object and have it fill the screen without making the whole picture look too overwhelming.

@amy_stone: Every time Amy posts a picture I can’t help but stare at it for a few moments. Her pictures are always a source of inspiration and I love that her entire feed works together with hints of blue and purple tons in every picture. Fabulous photos!

@jasminedowling: I recently stumbled upon Jasmine’s feed and her pictures never cease to add a little sprinkle of happiness into my day! I especially love her amazing calligraphy skills, which y'all know I'm working on if you follow our Instagram.

@amber__moore: Amber’s pictures always have the perfect amount of white space to them so they are so calming and simple. I love the way she is able to make a busy scene look simple with her angles and framing skills.

Share your favorite Instagram loves with us… we'll be sure to check them out!