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New Year's Resolutions {in Glitter Tights}

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Shimmer TightsAthleta shimmer glitter tights

My New Year's Resolution is to work out more & criticize myself less, but I haven't given't it much thought as I down champagne cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and holiday treats, because I have a few weeks left to indulge before I have to make good on the "more" part of the resolution. Obviously, I need some perspiration inspiration.

Yesterday, I was on my merry way, doing some last minute shopping, but a pile of sparkle and shimmer stopped me in my tracks like a deer before headlights. Gold or glittery, shiny objects have a tendency to do that to me, and I'd never seen workout glitter tights like these Athleta workout tights. Ever. Hmmm, they couldn't feel as good as they looked (could they)? I stepped over expecting the worse, you know: scratchy, thin, and no give. But they're soft and stretchy. My son, both companion and self-imposed shopping interventionist, pulled me along, reminding me I had a shopping agenda… which didn't include me. He pulled me along, sweetly, but firmly, as only a teen son can do. Refocused, I began talking with a salesperson about my list, but casually mentioned the glittery table up front and how cute those yoga / running pants were. She caught the glint in my eye revealing, "You aren't the only one who thinks so! We got them in yesterday and we're already sold out of 2 sizes." Altruism be darned, I ran off and grabbed a pair of glitter tights so fast my son's eyes  couldn't finish rolling before I paid for them. My New Year's resolution now includes sweating glitter.

Have you started thinking about New Year's Resolutions?

xo ~kim