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Party Shoes

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Party Shoes

One thing that I’ve learned — since I’ve become the mature teenager that I am — is that shoes make an outfit. They can make a simple drab outfit into a luxuriously fab outfit. I know our dads, brothers, grandpas, and any other male figure in our lives don’t truly understand why women have so many pairs of shoes, but who cares what they think. Right? We all know that shoes are more important than most things in life, and this pair of party shoes from Banana Republic is the absolute perfect pair of shoes ever and even more perfect around the holiday season. My mom and I instantly fell in love with the gold toe, but that might be because we have a sick obsession with anything gilded. The best part about these party shoes though? They don’t break the bank! So what are you waiting for? Grab some fabby heels right now so you can feel like you’re glamorous (because who doesn’t want to feel glam?!) at your next holiday party. xox ~chloe


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