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Over 40 Fashion Rules: fact or fiction

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leather skirt

Usually, I'm comfortable in my clothes and wear what I like and call it a day, absolutely denying there are over 40 fashion rules except wear what looks good without try appear 20+ years younger. My body issues have changed over the years, and I dress for them. But I was genuinely surprised when I was told I was too old for this leather skirt. *confidence shot* Normally, I ignore other people's opinions (at my peril), but this one affected me.  In fact, I let my skirt hang in my closet for over a year while debating if this woman was correct. This DVF skirt, as opposed to mine from 2 years ago, would be perfect! It's stretchy and a great length; but, I can't justify another DVF leather skirt (yet). Here was my thought process after sulking a bit: Denial - She's wrong. I'm not too old. Questioning - Perhaps it is too short, but leather is a classic. The cut is tailored, the leather is buttah, the color is timeless -- and it fits like a leather glove. Concession - I'm out of shape, it's too short, she was right. If only it reached my knees. I'll save it for Chloe. Oblivion - I"ll move it to the back of the closet and forget about it… for a while. Denial - "What would Anna Dello Russo do?" Although I'll never, ever have her sartorial flair, boldness or closet, I'll be darned if she wouldn't wear a simple short leather skirt!! Game on (or rather skirt on).

Looking at the photos, I'm not in love with my styling or my pale legs, but what do you think: is leather only for under 45 and is this length too short for someone of my age (47)?  Do you follow any over 40 fashion rules?

leather skirt swing coat jcrew cashmere sweater woven clutch

cashmere sweater: J.Crew | leather skirt: Diane von Furstenberg | mirrored silver shoes: similar | woven clutch: similar

photos by Erin Trimble