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Fringe Benefits

FASHIONKim & Chloe
Fringe Sweater by Ann Taylor

I can’t dance worth a darn, but this fringe sweater makes me want to bust a move every time I wear it. Not only is it a super fab shirt and you can score it on sale, but when I move it moves with me. This movement masks my inability to dance and distracts viewers so they stare at my shirt instead of my body while I attempt to pull a Michael Jackson move - quite the fringe benefit. I wore this shaky shirt to Thanksgiving and performed my younger cousins “step dance” in front of the whole family. Normally I would drift into a corner hoping no one noticed my absence, but I stayed shaking/stomping along with my more dance able cousins. From now on I’m going to try to wear this fringe shirt any time I know a DJ will be present so that I can dance without fear of people laughing or making fun of me. This is, without a doubt, my confidence boosting, 20’s-esque, dancing shirt. What's your bust-a-move outfit?

xox ~chloe

Black Ann Taylor Ann Taylor Fringe Sweater Fringe Sweater Fringe Sweater by Ann Taylor Ann Taylor's Black Fringe Sweater

shirt: Ann Taylor check out this fringe skirt too! | jeans: Gap | purse: Nordstrom (similar)

photos by Erin Trimble