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How to wear Winter Whites

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Winter white has always been a favorite of mine... probably because black is such a staple in my closet and every once in a while I just need a clean break. It seems every year white has a resurgence and is the hot new trend for winter. Why do we gravitate towards white? Probably because it feels fresh and relieves us from the grey days that are certainly ahead. A few years ago I recall seeing a mix of camels and beiges and just thinking "Wow, how chic! I want to be that sophisticated and cool!" Well, I don't think I pulled off the sophisticated and cool, but I definitely am aiming for more winter whites in my closet, especially now that I can wear camel! I saw the set below in the Wall Street Journal and fell in love with it... although most items are a little pricey; but, it provides some great inspiration. The interesting article led me to look up Vanessa Traina's outfit, a gorgeous dresser who epitomizes a sleek minimalistic style that I aspire to one day. She looks fabulously elegant. For now, I'll keep dreaming of my future looks and building a wardrobe towards obtaining them.

Any dream looks for you this fall/ winter?

Vanessa Traina winter white

Vanessa Traina photo via Pinterest

cream outfit from Wall Street Journal

Winter Whites set from The Wall Street Journal, click here for information

How to wear Winter Whites

A more accessible winter white look from Zara