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Teen Blogger Showcase: The Blonde Prep


The Blonde Prep Frannie is another one of my bloggy besties! I absolutely love Frannie's blog, The Blonde Prep, because she adds a fresh perspective to the preppy blogging world. She always seems to twist the trends up and go with a unique - but awesome - look!

Also, Frannie has the world's best hair. I probably tell her I love her hair at least once every other day, and she might think it's creepy, but I'm totally jealous of her long blonde locks. (can we trade?). Not only do I love Frannie's blog, but she is probably the most hilarious person I've even met (we haven't met in real life yet, but I'm assuming..). I love that Frannie tells it like it is and is never afraid to share what she is really thinking. It's something that I strive to do, because I constantly worry about what other people are thinking instead of saying how I feel. Props to you, Fran.  *#dwc*

The Blonde Prep | popcosmo

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xox ~chloe

Who are your fave blogging buddies? {Seriously... looking for some new reads!}