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What are my colors?

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I made a new discovery this past year, and it's one that has started to change my wardrobe. Completely. I can wear camel. I know, I know - not exactly earth shattering, but I always thought blondes had more fun, at least when it came to wearing the color camel. But not any more! Chloe and I were shopping and she said "try this, it'll look good on you" and handed me something camel. You see, when it comes to colors, we are the exact opposites. She's like a color "rainman"  (as in the movie, as in genius). Which does make me question how Chloe came into being... she has this uncanny ability to look at a color 1x then walk in a paint store and pick the exact color. Not close, not "in the family," but the exact color. (True story - she did this when I forgot paint chips and I was too lazy far away to turn home and go get them.) And she can tell you the undertones. I can't even tell you what an undertone is, except a conspiracy to frustrate me. I think her brain actually functions in colors, while I'm color-challenged. Pink is pink is pink (etc. with all the colors). And black is sometime navy and vice-versa. Which makes me thrilled that the rest of the world is finally wearing them together too, since I've accidentally been wearing black & navy together for years. But camel was always off limits for me because I'd been told it made me look sallow or yellow or just "sickly." As much as I love a good classic, I do tend avoid an unhealthy look. So, you'll probably be seeing a lot of camel on me this fall and winter, along with my usual black and white. Woo-hoo, I'm branching out!

How about you, have you been trying any new trends or colors lately?

tan sweater

ray bans

old navy camel sweater

Essie sable collar

gold boots

sweater: Old Navy  (on sale!) | pants: Chloe's closet | purse: Prada (old) similar | shoes: Kelsi Dagger (similar on sale!) | Essie Nail Polish: Sable Collar (Ltd. Winter 2013 Collection) | sunglasses: Ray-Bans

http://www.popcosmo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/1 .jpg