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Internet Loves Lately


Here's what I'm loving lately, how about you -- any recommendations? I can't believe "IT's" already here, the highly anticipated college tour time. Yep, we are off to start visiting colleges this weekend for Chloe! So as we drive a lot and settle into hotels at night, we'd love to find some new tv shows, songs, Instagrams, etc.to while away the time. I'd love your suggestions. And be sure to have Happy Weekend, y'all!

Internet Loves Lately

{1} Listen: Passenger, Let Her Go. Just listen. And maybe try to a few of Passenger's others, like Holes & The Wrong Direction. That's all.

{2} Make:  I have serious craft crush. I mean, who doesn't love glitter, balloons, donuts, and pink. It's a cuteness explosion.

{3} Wear: I just can't get these booties out of my head. Or onto my feet. I'm accepting donations.

{4} LaughWarning - this is not a Pinterest account to read in a coffee shop! People will stare at you. Not at your computer, but at you, giggling & guffawing. I applaud a well-turned phrase. I admire thoughtful prose. I seek out wit like a moth to fine cashmere {without the munching and destruction}! And Quinoa in My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter satisfies like no other. This board containts fashion + lovable snark and what you would think if you were insanely clever, well, maybe you are.  I'm not, so I read pins, and wait for the book.

{5} Watch Suits (I watch on Amazon)... the best tv show you probably aren't watching. Hot guys, smart gals, the best 1-liners on tv, and work clothes that almost make me want to go corporate. If I was forced to practice law again, I'd want to be Jessica from brain to toe. Make that from hair to pointed toe pump. And if you aren't subscribing to Amazon Prime, watching old episodes makes it totally worthwhile - ask me about it (no, they aren't paying me... but they should. Move over Netflix, your streaming just didn't compare.)