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Skinny Jeans: Teen Style

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"Jeans, jeans, jeans!" would be my answer to the imaginary question of  the one thing in my closet I couldn't live without. Dressed up or dressed down, they are simply my preferred basic. And although boyfriends are nudging skinny jeans for the top spot, they haven't bumped them aside yet, probably because skinny jeans have the versatility of a t-shirt, the durability of the Energizer bunny, and the affordability of whatever your budget might be. And here's what I chose to wear with my skinny jeans from the video I made with my mom. skinny jeans what to wear with skinny jeans cute skinny jeans tan madewell purse


blouse: Hazel (sold out) but I'd pick this similar one | jeans: Gap (see here for info)| purse: Madewell Kensington | shoes: Target (sold out) similar | watch: Michael Kors