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Mother / Daughter Style: Skinny Jeans

FASHIONKim & Chloe

We're so excited about our video series Mother / Daughter Style: How to share your clothes, but keep your own style! In our very 1st video, we discuss one of our favorite topics: Skinny Jeans. Since Chloe and I are always stealing borrowing each other's jeans, we thought skinny jeans would be the perfect intro for our series. I guess, for some reason, we always think the other person has the better pair of jeans, so we are probably just swapping back and forth in the long run! Although the "borrowing" will probably not stop until Chloe goes to college and takes them all, we did realize how very differently we styled our skinny jeans!

Here are 3 different options in the Gap skinny jean that we like. The first pair is "our" pair and the 2nd and 3rd are others that we like!

gap jean

Gap Skinny Jean

another gap skinny jean

another Gap skinny jean

gap ankle zip skinny jean

ankle zip skinny jean

Which pair do you like the best and what would you pair them with?