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DIY Gold Notebooks

DIYKim & Chloe
DIY gold notebooks

how to create metallic gold notebooks Who doesn't love a quick and easy DIY? And our DIY notebooks have been so popular that we decided to try our hand a making gold notebooks for something new and different. We were so surprised at how easy they were that we couldn't stop at just one... we made 3! And we might make some more using brightly colored notebooks - we can just imagine the metallic gold over a bright yellow background. And wouldn't hot pink and gold notebooks be stunning? To get you started, here are 3 simple ideas.

Gold Heart notebook

1. Gather supplies: notebook, metallic gold paint (we used Martha Stewart), heart shaped item to trace, thin and thick paintbrush.

2. Trace the heart where you would like it placed on your notebook.

3. Fill in the heart with the gold paint using the thin brush to trace the lines and the thick brush to fill in.

monogrammed notebook

1. Gather supplies: notebook, bristle brush or foam brush, Martha Stewart metallic gold paint, Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils.

2. Place Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils on notebook and fill in with gold paint. Peel off when paint has dried. Just a note, we weren't sure if the adhesive stencils were worth the price, but they absolutely are! They are flexible and will stick to any surface. We are going to get a lot of use from them for future DIY projects.

3. The final monogrammed notebook!

Gold Notebook DIY

1. Gather supplies: scissors, washi tape, paint brush, Martha Stewart metallic gold paint.

2. Place the tape across the line where you would like the gold to be placed.

3. Remove the tape when the gold paint dries for your final notebook.

DIY gold notebooks

And now you have your choice of 3 gold notebooks to make!