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A super-easy DIY photo backdrop

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How to Make Simple Photobooth

I have a thing for photobooths. If there’s a party that I don’t really want to go to, but I know that there will be a photobooth or a photo backdrop - then I'll go. I think the thing I like most about photobooths is the fact that you and your friends can take selfies together (groupies?) and have that moment together forever. And yes, I do know how cheesy I sound!

When I was in New York this summer I had a huge creative surge. I wanted to be craftier, artsier, and just feel more inspired. I knew that Geni from Pink Owl Photography was having an open house when I got home from New York, so I texted her on a whim and asked if she needed someone to make her a photo backdrop. She said that she had been stressing over that fact that she didn’t have a photo backdrop yet, so the job was officially mine. I was so excited! Not only did I confirm the fact that there would be a photo backdrop (although I would go to Geni's party any day anyway!!) but I was going to be in charge of making the photo backdrop cute. If you know me or have read the blog long enough then you know that I am not crafty. I can do simple things like cut and glue, and I'm proud of our easiest DIYs, but as soon as we get into learning new techniques then forget about it.

I don’t mean to brag, but I am very proud of my photo backdrop. I think it turned out swimmingly and I am proud to show it off - unlike most of my crafts. The instructions are posted below, and if you’re a "wanna be crafter" like me, don’t fret - you can totally pull this off too!

an easy photo background!


paper (we used poster paper because we liked the sturdiness, and it’s inexpensive) Martha Stewart circle cutter hot glue gun fishing line duck tape


how to make a photo backdrop

{1} Use a Martha Stewart Paper Cutter to cut your circles. This tool is very simple to use and made cutting circles less daunting. We cut our circles with a 5 inch and 3 inch diameter, but that is totally your preference. We cut circles until our paper ran out.

{2} Measure your fishing line to the height that you need. Ours were 8 feet long, because that was the height we needed based on the ceiling height of the room, where we would be taping ours, and if we wanted feet to show.

make your own photo booth

{3} Randomly place circles along the fishing line until you achieve a well balanced looking strand. Emphasis on “random” - the more random the circles are placed then the cuter the entire backdrop will be. At least we think so.

{4} Hot glue your circles onto your fishing line. As your 4th grade teachers said, "less is more."

{5} Continue steps 2-4 until you run out of paper or have the amount of strands you need.

photobooth - how to hang

{6} Decide whether to hang your backdrop from ceiling or wall. We cut strips of white poster paper and glued the ends of our strands to that piece. We fit approximately 4 strands on each strip with 4 total strips. We then duck taped the strips to the ceiling. *helpful hint*  the strands are heavy will fall off the ceiling unless you use a lot of duct tape! Ignore your 4th grade teacher, more is better in this case! ;]

make your own photo booth

Thanks for reading! If you end up making this photo backdrop, be sure to tweet or instagram us a picture!!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

xox, chloe

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