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The NEW French Manicure

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

French Manicures have been around since... wait, wait. Who wants to hear the history of the French Manicure? Not me. In fact, I have no idea how long they have been around. All I know is that they can look dull and boring unless you brighten them up a little bit. You might recall our viral pin of the neon yellow French Manicure? We still love it, but we needed something new. And we've got just the idea for our New French Manicure! Metallics are hot for fall {and beyond I'm sure}. What looks better than a strip of metallic accenting a nude or almost nude nail? Nothing. It's our new obsession!

new french manicure

The NEW French Manicure... here's how:

1. Paint your nails a neutral color, but make sure it is not a sheer color. You do not want the white part of your nail to be showing through the color. We chose Essie's Fiji (an opaque pink) for the Silver French Manicure and Essie's "A Crewed Interest" (a gorgeous peach) for the Gold French Manicure.

2. Let your nails dry completely.

3. Either take your manicure tape (discussed here) or use stickers or tape (discussed here) to create a crisp and clean french manicure line at the very TIP of your nail. The trick to making your french manicure modern is using a very thin line of color. Since Chloe's nails were more square, we used manicure tape on the tips, which was a perfect choice for her. Just be sure to use a few coats of clear polish to secure the mani tape! If yours are more rounded, the sticker trick from the "easiest french manicure" might be a good choice. Or you can use scotch, painter's tape or even use manicure tape to create a clean line.

new french mani silver

Voilà, no fuss, no muss, and so chic. Another idea to create the easiest french manicure ever, but this time, it's a new version of the french mani!

What do you think?