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Blue Lace

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My blue lace dress has two of my favorite things going on: comfort and lace. Oh, and lets not forget the most important thing to a teen on a budget - price. It was reasonable. Which is the polite way of saying "cheap" because saying "cheap" sounds like it's destructible and tacky, but this dress is pretty well-made and looks classy. At least I think so. And I think it's flattering and looks like it cost a lot more than it does, which makes it rank pretty high on my "should I wear it today" list. In other words, this blue lace dress has and will get a lot of wear. forever 21 dress dresses at forever 21

chloe in forever 21 blue lace dress blue lace dress and dvf boots

dress: Forever 21 (similar)| boots: DV by Dolce Vita | purse: Natasha Couture

I've dressed my blue lace dress down with my boots because lace tends to have sort of "grand-ma-ish" feeling if I don't tone it down. And I wanted to carry my new purse... because it's my new purse. I hope no explanation is necessary, but if so: I have to use something new right away!!

To change the subject a little, can we just chat photos for a second? When we aren't fortunate enough to have Geni of Pink Owl Photography  to take our pictures, I take my mom's photos and she takes mine. My mom will be the first to admit that she has a hard time photographing since she wears glasses and needs bifocals (even trifocals). But the light in pictures is what makes them special (as long as she can focus!). We caught the golden hour in some of these, and you can see what a difference it makes. Plus the background of the Botanical Gardens just made this photo shoot so special. If you haven't seen the pictures I took of her at the Botanical Gardens, take a look and we hope you enjoy!

Do you take pictures at a certain time of the day or a special place - or are we the only ones "chasing the light?"