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Black and white may not be what you think of when you think of Botanical Gardens, but this white skirt was begging to be worn and I was begging to go the Botanical Gardens. So on it went and off we went. When my husband and I first got married, we would spend Sundays lounging in the Botanical Gardens reading the paper and picnicking. I'm not sure why we stopped, but I miss those days. And I was determined to show him that he did too. So when we all had a free hour together before dinner the other night we decided to meet up at the Botanical Gardens. The guys were definitely not on board with the plan, but coerced with dinner, they relented and since the gardens are so central, they couldn't come up with any excuse to avoid the gardens any longer.

What inevitably happened is that once we arrived, both of the guys were so entranced that Chloe and I lost them. Twice. Once in the Japanese Garden and then at the Perennial Walk. At least they have good taste in their greenery and weren't impatient while Chloe and I were also enjoying the scenery and snapping pics!  Check out our Instagram for some flower shots we'll be posting later! {Chloe's photos from our outing are coming soon!}

black and white sky


zara white skirt

black and white

shirt: BCBG Max Azria | skirt: Zara | shoes: Madewell | clutch:  russell+hazel  | bracelet and scarf on wrist: Hermes

Any places you feel like you have to "drag" your family to... but they enjoy once they are there?