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I'm joining a cult

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I am, really. Don't worry, it doesn't involve chanting or drinking potions, it simply entails pulling on a dress and feeling like you've won the gene pool lottery. I've always loved the look and style of Diane von Furstenberg dresses but never, in a million years, even wanted to try one on. I always thought the Diane von Furstenbuerg cult gals were just devotees who loved the story of an amazing designer who also has had a great comeback. I never joined the cult because wrap dresses are not made for women like me. My boobs are too big, my stomach is not flat, my waist doesn't exist and a wrap dress accentuates every single one of these areas. For instance, would the wrap go over my boobs, giving me the dreaded uni-boob, or under one of boobs, giving me the come-hither hooker look? And that's just the 1st issue I typically encounter when trying on a wrap shirt! Let alone a wrap dress.

diane von furstenberg

diane von furstenberg wrap dress

diane von furstenberg wrap dresses

diane von furstenberg wrap dresses style

dress: Diane von Furstenberg (on sale!) | shoes: Pedro Garcia| sunnies: Prada | earrings: Chan Luu (last worn here) | lipstick: Maybelline Neon Red | toes: Clambake

I was trying on multiple dresses at a sale (you know me by now!) and decided what the heck, the fabric was great, the price was fantastic, the black and white print was perfect to hid all sorts of sins, and I was intrigued by the ruching. I slipped it on and did a double take. Then a triple take.

Diane von Furstenberg has a cult following for a reason. She is genius:

  • The wrap at the boobs is tucked and draped in all the right places and I don't have to decide whether it goes over or under your boobs. She knows women have boobs, since she is a woman designing for women. It's the only wrap that has ever fit my cleavage without me spilling out. (These photos are deceptive, Chloe is at the "peek down the dress angle," especially w/ me laughing and leaning over!)
  • The ruching at my stomach helps hides my stomach instead of accentuating it.
  • The pattern slims.
  • The fabric is miraculous (silk jersey). It can be packed, crumpled, rolled up into a ball, unrolled and still look fresh.

We all know a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress is iconic. Meaning timeless. My mom wore them & still can, I can wear one 20 years from now and it will still be in style. It's classic, yet not stodgy. I can pull it on, go anywhere and feel good. And isn't that what really matters: the cult of feeling good?

What do you have in your closet that makes you feel your best?