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GIVEAWAY + Girls in Glasses

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rivet & Sway. Marc Jacobs handbag giveaway

I'm at the age of acceptance + I'm living in the age of acceptance. Curly hair is "in" and glasses are chic! Who would have thought the banes of my existence when I was a child would both be so trendy... and at the same time! I'm embracing it head on. (pun intended)

My hair will take forever to grow to a length I'm happy with, but at least it's finally long enough to let it be curly without looking too much like Little Orphan Annie. But for now, I'll thank hipsters and focus all my energy on enjoying glasses. I've been sporting Harry Potter-esque wire rimmed glasses and my Ray Ban type hipster glasses, but hadn't wanted to splurge on a new pair, although I desperately need them. I haven't bought new glasses because:

1. Cost. My simple prescription costs over $400 because after frames, there's the cost of coatings and thin lenses, and god knows what else to keep my eyes from looking like bug eyes. 2. Trying on. I hate it. It's almost as bad as swimsuits. Ok, not even close. But I'm in a store. In bad light. With strangers' opinions. Ugghh. 3. A long wait. Always. No matter what time I go, it takes forever. Maybe because I can't ever decide between a few pairs of glasses and want everyone's opinion. But I can't take them with me.  Or can I??

rivet & sway

Rivet & Sway makes it easy - you buy your glasses online and it's the only online glasses boutique exclusively for women. So you better believe that they understand eyewear is an accessory, like handbags or shoes (uh, yeah!). And forget the upselling like in stores: every single pair of glasses on the site is only $199 and that includes ultra-thin Rx lenses, fancy coatings, and free shipping. They solved all 3 of my issues!

You simply go online, pick your 3 pairs and have them sent to you. Rivet & Sway will even help you select a pair glasses online. I emailed for a recommendation and had suggestions within the hour!

rivet & sway glasses

After you try on your 3 pairs, you ask all of your friends for their help deciding which one you should keep. Or your kids, because they tell the truth. Then send the 3 pairs back to Rivet & Sway in the same box and let them know in which pair you want to put your prescription. A few days later, you have new glasses. Who knew ordering glasses online would be hassle-free?

Here I am in the 3 pairs I've ordered. Let me know in the comments which pair YOU like (those are hand signals to tell you the pairs  :lol:)

And remember when I told you that Rivet & Sway understands that glasses are accessories? They really, really do! 1 lucky winner will be sporting the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Too Hot to Handle" Medium Hobo in Cement ($428 value) and one pair of frames in their choice from Rivet & Sway ($199). Total value is over $600!

Winner will be announced on August 1, 2013 on Rivet & Sway's Facebook Page and on Twitter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Rivet & Sway is the only online eyewear boutique exclusively for women whose purpose is to make women feel more beautiful in glasses. Through Rivet & Sway’s Home Try On selection process and the assistance of a free personal stylish, women can select three pairs of glasses that will be shipped directly to them so they can try them on. All Rivet & Sway glasses include a frame and ultra-thin Rx lenses.

To encourage YOU to try them out, Rivet & Sway is happy to offer an exclusive discount: $99 per frame (save $100) through August 15, 2013. One pair per customer. Use code SUMMERSPECS99 at checkout.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rivet & Sway.