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Wait, wait... it's still us! Don’t worry, you’re still at the same old PopCosmo. We just put on a new dress, some new heels, got a haircut... you know... a new blog design! "But why?" you might ask.

"No reason," we would answer!

We loved our old design by BDD! Truly. BUT, when I started designing our phone cases, I just got bitten by the designing bug. And we realized how our website didn’t really reflect who my mom and I are. It was cute, don’t get me wrong, but we needed it to be a little more us. And who better to make it "us" than me! (And of course we asked BDD to install it because she rocks as a web designer!) So this is what I think Popcosmo should look like. So settle in and get used to the new look, because we think it's going to stay this way. For a while.

xoxo, and thanks SO much for visiting us. We can't tell you how much each and ever visit means. mwah, mwah, and air kisses

And because I'm new to this website designing thing, let us know what you think!